About OCAEditCollectionViewFlowLayout

OCAEditCollectionViewFlowLayout is subclass of UICollectionViewFlowLayout that adds the ability to re-order and/or delete member cells.

Quick install

Coming - add instructions to use as a Git Subproject

Using OCAEditCollectionViewFlowLayout

Coming - add instructions to integrate

Installation tips

To keep up to date, issue git pull either from the terminal or within Xcode. If you’ve included OCAEditCollectionViewFlowLayout as a SubProject and added it as a dependency of your main application, it will rebuild automatically.

Integrating with Xcode

Coming - add instructions to add build dependency.


Have problems? This is what you can do to troubleshoot:


Minimum system requirements

  • Xcode 5 or greater for compiling
  • iOS 7 or greater


OCAEditCollectionViewFlowLayout is licensed under MIT license.